CIM-130 - CIM-131

Control units that as well as manual operator control also allow its automatic control by external contact. With just the starting of the motor pump, the CIM-130 or the CIM-131 automatically monitors all its parameters and alarms, with no operator adjustment. If connected to their actuator, installed on the accelerator of the diesel engine, these carry out automatic regulation to keep the irrigation pressure constant. They are supplied with both the electronic probe for the pump and the wiring, so that they can be connected easily. Suitable for mounting directly on the motor pump, both flush mounted and with their possible independent bracket. Possible connections with diesel engines equipped with CAN-BUS.
- Realized to be mounted either in a panel or on its bracket (optional).
- Digital instruments (hour-meter, oil pressure gauge, water or oil thermometer, timer, pump water pressure gauge, fuel level indicator, tachometer, battery voltmeter).
- Adjust engine speed through the actuator (on request) maintaining constant the pressure of the irrigation system.
- Controls the flow of water in the pipe.
- Motor pump failure automatic monitoring (low oil pressure, over-temperature, belt breakage, minimum fuel level, available A1, low diesel fuel pressure, low coolant level, insufficient pump water pressure, pump water overpressure).
- Remote control (start and stop).
- Clock for programming the start and stop of the machine.
- Acceleration and deceleration automatically adjusted upon starting and stopping of the pump.
- Frost protection and pressure boost functions.
- Possible models with SAE J1939 CANBus connection for FPT, John Deere and JCB engines. (for CIM-130 only)
- Battery and oil lights.
- Pump protection exclusion.
- Accompanied by an electronic transmitter of water pressure.
Type Code
CIM-130 00211091
CIM-130-FPT 12V 00211094
CIM-130-FPT 24V 00211195
CIM-130-JCB 00211116
CIM-130-JDE 00211092
CIM-131 00211101
Accessories on request
Type Code
Bracket for CIM 40493383
Speed variator VAR-202 12V (For control unit CIM-130) 00571549
Speed variator VAR-140 12V (For control unit CIM-131) 00571543
Flow switch FAP-200 00500312
To program the CIM-13X do not use the PLUGIN build: 1.0.7367.24989; where "Pid 1" is required use build: 1.0.7424.35208 or later. This is available from version 1.0.7425.26197 of the ZW-SMART software.


Instruction and user manual CIM-130
Instruction and user manual CIM-131
Technical programming manual CIM-130
Technical programming manual CIM-131
Technical programming manual CIM-13X - Tables
Programming software ZW-SMART
Firmware update software ZW-UPG
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