CAM-684 - CAM-685

Auto Mains Failure control unit for panel of a emergency gen-set, with digital instruments, monitoring and alarms on the LCD in different languages, equipped with CAN BUS (SAE J1939) and with several serial connections and remote control.
- Digital instruments (three mains voltmeters, three generator voltmeters, delta voltages phase/phase, star voltages, three mains/generator ammeters, frequency meter, wattmeterbtotal and per phase, varmeter total and per phase, voltammeter total and per phase, kilowatt-hour, cosphimeter per phase, partial hour-meter, total hour-meter, starting counter, starting failure counter, tachometer, battery voltmeter, battery charger current, fuel level gauge,water oil thermometer, oil pressure gauge).
- Automatic supervision of faults with messages on the display.
- Texts in 6 languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.
- Information on 4 programmable preventive maintenance operations with display of the hours remaining before the maintenance work is due.
- Remote controls (starting, stop and test).
- EJP function.
- Possibility of linking 7 relays to various functions. (CAM-685 only)
- Preheating glow plugs management.
- Management of refuelling of working tank from storage tank.
- Clock to program starting or stopping the generating set.
- Generator start/stop on request for power.
- Possibility of starting the generating set in case of low battery-charge.
- Programmable weekly selftest.
- Available inputs for fully programmable anomalies (times, polarities, stopping possibility and message about the anomaly).
- Three-phase voltmetric control, voltage failure, undervoltage, overvoltage, asymmetryc voltage and not correct phase sequence of the mains and of the generator.
- Anomaly historical log (including data from the last 50 occurred anomalies).
- Displaying of the most serious faults with both led and messages on the display.
- Possibility of password protected programming..
- Serial connections CAN Bus SAE J1939, RS232, RS485, USB (MOD Bus RTU protocol), remote pannel PRE-684 o PRE-685 (on demand) and GSM modem.
- Dimensions (LxHxP) 290x200x62mm.
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Instruction and user manual CAM-684
Instruction and user manual CAM-685
Technical programming manual Modem Moxa On Cell G2110
Programming software ZW-100-PR - 00070211
Working scheme
Technical programming manual CAM-684
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Technical programming manual CAM-685
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Firmware update software ZW-UPG
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