Auto Mains Failure control unit for panel of a emergency gen-set, with digital instruments, monitoring and alarms on the graphic LCD display (with touch screen) in different languages, equipped with CAN BUS (SAE J1939) and with several serial connections and remote control.
- Digital instruments (three mains voltmeters, three genset voltmeters, three mains/genset ammeters, a mains/genset frequency meter, a genset tachometer, the mains/genset kW, kVAR and kVA powers, the battery voltmeter, the fuel level gauge, the engine temperature, the oil pressure, the total hour meter, the partial hour meter, the start-up counter).
- Automatic monitoring of faults with messages on the display.
- Total three-phase voltmeter control of mains and generator set (undervoltage, overvoltage, phase asymmetry, incorrect phase sequence, underfrequency and overfrequency).
- Texts in 7 languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese plus a programmable language.
- Connection to CAN Bus SAEJ1939.
- Serial ports RS232, RS485 and USB.
- MOD Bus RTU protocol.
- Management of 4 maintenance operations.
- Management of rental hours.
- Remote controls (start-up, stop, EJP).
- Genset start-up and stop upon power request.
- Possibility to start up genset when the battery is in low charge.
- Possibility to match inputs and outputs to different functions.
- Management of glow plug preheating.
- Management of fuel refill from storage tank to the tank in use.
- Clock-programmed start-up and stop of generator set.
- Programmable weekly self-test.
- Fault history.
- Possibility to program password-protected functions.
- Dimensions (LxHxD) 157x109x74mm.
Type Code
CAM-335 00242262


Instruction and user manual CAM-335
Technical programming manual CAM-335
Gasoline engine diagram CAM-335 - 00000731
Automatic fuel fill diagram CAM-335 - 00000732 
Dummy load diagram CAM-335 - 00000733
Connection diagram to expansion modulesi CAM-335 - 00000734
Connection diagram to voltmeter transformers CAM-335 - 00000735
Programming software ZW-SMART rel. 1.2.8374.19656
Technical programming manual Modem Moxa On Cell G2110
Technical programming manual Modem AMD-RB900/PRO
Firmware update software ZW-Upgrade
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